Self Storage Modules

BigTee's self storage modules not only save your time but your money as well !

Self Storage is predominately the hiring of a storage unit. This means paying for the whole area regardless of how much of it you use. Key reasons why BigTee's Self Storage Modules are a reason to look no further. 1/ BigTee can bring the module to you and return it when you require your product back saving you time driving multiple trips to and


from a unit 2/ You only pay for the area you need rather than a full unit you may only half fill 3/ BigTee's self Storage Modules are made using tamper proof hinges and locks giving a safe, secure place for all your property 4/ You provide your own locks for the module and you keep them with you! No one else can get into your module ! 5/ BigTee's Self Storage Modules are perfect for your personal or home effects or for business. Contact us today to find out how easy it is.